Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Have a Butcher's at this Historic Signage

Following the closure of the short-lived Kowloon Bar and Kitchen at 72 Nithsdale Road, work being undertaken by the new owners has revealed a look back into the history of the village.  The rear of the building backs onto Nithsdale Street and the sign refers to a previous owner, William Bennie and Sons Butchers. The Post-Office annual Directory record of 1894/95 show that the said butcher was located at 62 Nithsdale Road, Strathbungo and even further back in 1878/79 the same directory lists William Bennie as living at 19 Titwood Place, Strathbungo and having a Flesher's shop at 4, 5 and 8 Titwood Place. Flesher being Scots for a butcher.

Titwood Place was the original name for what is now 18-76 Nithsdale Road.  Given the fact that the street was build in 1876 by Alexander 'Greek' Thomson's partner Robert Turnbill a year after the architect himself had passed away, it's fair to assume that William Bennie would have been the first occupier of the building. Bennie also had another Flesher's shop at 29 Vermont Street.

The name change from Titwood Place to Nithsdale Road came with the development of Nithsdale Street, although reminders of its former title still exist, not least of all in the name of the Titwood Bar located at 52-58 Nithsdale Road.

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