Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Sweet Memories of Rock in Govanhill

With Govanhill being the focus of the music and political worlds this weekend, with the Govanhill Against Racism Festival commemorating the 40th anniversary of Rock Against Racism, it seems like an opportune moment to recall Govanhill's own rock star, Brian Francis Connolly McManus who died 20 years ago

Born in Aitkenhead Road on the 5th October 1945 he was to change his name to, Brian Connolly, and become the blond lead singer with the Seventies glam-rockers Sweet. 

The band sold over 50 million records with hits including: "Funny Funny", "Co-Co", "Poppa Joe", "Little Willy","Wig Wam Bam".,"Blockbuster", "Hellraiser", "Ballroom Blitz" "Fox on the Run" - a million-seller in the United States - "Action" later covered by Def Leppard) and "Love is Like Oxygen". Not too bad for a wee lad from Govanhill who never knew who his dad was and who's teenage mum abandoned him in a Glasgow hospital when he was still an infant.

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