Monday, 24 June 2013

Bungo in the Back Lanes 2013

Boozing in Bungo
The early morning monsoons were replaced by a fine sunny day in time for the Bungo in the Back Lanes Festival.  This was my first time in attending the annual event held in the Regents Park suburb in the Village.  

Andrew Downie of the Bungoblog had contacted me and asked me if I wanted to meet him and participate in the history/architecture walk, which he had inherited. I gladly accepted and it was good to meet a fellow, local, social historian.  We met outside of Sammy Dow's pub and although the rugby being shown in the bar kept some potential walkers indoors, we had a small and interesting group as we explained the history of the Village before commencing our walk through the streets of Regents Park.  Like the Pied Piper we gathered more support as the walk progressed and met a number of the local residents along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed the walk and comparing notes with Andrew and at the end of the walk, I strolled through the back lanes enjoying the ambiance and atmosphere of the event, with its variety of stalls in the lanes themselves as well as in the garages and back gardens of the locals. There was a fine community spirit about the day and a few weel kent faces too, including GSR's Bruce Morton and a Gutso and Relish BBQ selling Strathbungo Sizzlers and a Glasgow cat or two too.

If you haven't been along, it's well worth a visit but try and take in some of the rest of the Village too.

Strolling in the Lanes
Strathbungo Cellist

GSR Treasurer Bruce Morton spinning some tunes in the Village
A Str'bungo Feline

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